Busting a myth: Indian creators can't make money

At ScrollStack, it's literally "our business" to help creators make money from their fans/followers. On this journey, the most sceptical ones are the creators themselves. Here is what I hear most commonly as I have conversations with creators from across India:

- Arre yaar, kaun dega paisa?

- Indian creators don't make money because they can't spend money to make money.

- Indian fans don't pay, they want everything for free.

- I tried the paid newsletter, it didn't work.

And many more along the same lines.

At the same time, I have seen Indian creators make money. It's not easy, but almost nothing meaningful is. Instead of going on about it, I present to you an excellent example of an Indian creator successfully monetizing in Vimoh.

Vimoh is a writer, YouTuber, Podcaster, mentor to other creators and many other things - see for yourself at https://linktr.ee/vimoh. Here are 4 things (I believe) Vimoh does that most Indian creators (and global creators) don't:

1) Vimoh is his authentic self, no matter what the platform or topic is. He isn't in this to please people - he stands by his content whether he is writing fiction, or opinion or on a podcast. Get a taste of it here.

2) Vimoh understands that people need to experience the content before they pay for it. You can get almost everything he creates for free, but the quality compels you to pay if you can. Check out what his "Supporters" usually say.

3) Vimoh regularly reminds his fans/followers to support him if his "writing has provided you with insight and entertainment." I believe this is what most creators struggle with. Vimoh and Vivek Kaul are excellent examples to follow to learn how to do it well, and often.

4) Vimoh makes it very easy for his fans/followers to pay him - a link at the bottom of his newsletter, a reminder on his regular posts, and a prominent placement on his linktree, along with direct links in his tweets. His fans don't have to go looking if they want to pay him.

I am sure there are other things that I have missed, and you are most welcome to reach out to him to learn more. You can also watch his MasterClass for an in-depth discussion on this topic. My simple point is, there are at least 100,000 creators in India who can follow this path, and begin their journey of monetizing their content/fans/followers. Don't buy into the myth!

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