Busting a myth - Indian fans don't pay for content

I have been hearing this for at least 6 years now - Indian fans will not pay creators or for their content. They want everything for free, and therefore Facebook/Instagram/YouTube/(list all other short video apps) want creators to just give away all of their content. I personally have seen enough examples where Indian fans are happy to pay for content and do so regularly. Instead of boring you with theory, here are actual examples of fans paying creators for their content - either by contributing $$ to their creation process, or by buying their content.

A LOT of Fans bought two chapters of a serialised fiction by SkWookie. Within minutes of launching, fans came in droves and paid for two amazing chapters of Siddhi Kadam's Tempter

Anubha and team are constantly getting "Support" for Newsworthy from their readers around the world for the amazing job they do to put together key news stories that are worthy of their time. Good journalism FTW.

Mumbai Paused put up for sale Mumbai Turmeric, a compact little digital photo book that will change the way people see Mumbai's famous 'red-light' district Kamathipura. You get the drift - people came in droves, and bought the digital photo book.

Vimoh does it all - 1) he continues to sell copies of The Materialist Manifesto, a collection of 13 short essays pushing back against spiritual ways of looking at reality, 2) his fans continue to support his writing and other work by sending him contributions.

So next time when you hear "Indians don't pay for content ya'ar", send them to me. The folks mentioned above, and so many others like them that we see daily, are busting that myth by making it easy for their fans to pay them.

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