Every Indian creator should be on ScrollStack. Here’s why.

ScrollStack is now open for all creators. With this update, you can post articles, podcasts, photos, sketches, and videos in the language of your choice. You can make your content free, available only to your followers, or charge for it – anywhere  in the world.

When we launched in closed beta in July, we told you  why we built ScrollStack. Among the things  we didn't explicitly call out then is the fact that none of the global solutions built for creators meets the unique needs of Indian creators

This post outlines why we believe every creator – especially those working in Indian languages – should consider joining ScrollStack to reach the ever-growing audience for their work in the country as well as  globally.

  1. Mobile first with multilingual and audio support: India is a mobile-first nation. Therefore, creating, sharing, and paying on ScrollStack is designed for the smartphone. 

    For instance, you don’t need an email to set up your account, you can start creating or viewing with just a phone number. You do not need a desktop to access all the features – everything is built for the phone as well (and the experience might even be better). 

    You don't need to   download any app, and you can create in any language supported by Android or iOS. The multi-lingual support is not superficial and we will soon launch a homepage for 6 languages (and overtime expand those). We even support Indian language web URLs (https://संगीत.scrollstack.com). 

  2. Moreover, India’s audience for audio stories is growing rapidly and the talent pool is vastly underserved. The latest  update addresses both these gaps.

Bihu Tune 1 by Bruce Miller is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives (aka Music Sharing) 3.0 International License.
  1. A corner of your own (text, audio, and video): As a creator, your brand comes first on our platform. Your feed is yours without any algorithmic fiddling by us. You don’t have to choose between text, audio, or video. 

    For instance, we allow you to upload native files (e.g., unlike a newsletter) and a wide variety of embeds from other platforms.The fundamental building block of our system is a multimedia post that is easy to share, search, and discover. 

    You can listen to this entire post below if you wish to btw!

Why Every Indian Creator Should Be on ScrollStack Part 1
Why Every Indian Creator Should Be on ScrollStack Part 2
  1. Distribute via WhatsApp, not just Email: An average Indian doesn't care about Email, and she doesn't use it as their primary source of communication. WhatsApp is the default communication service of India, and it's getting more pervasive each day. 

    ScrollStack is built with this key difference in mind – our posts are optimized to be shared via WhatsApp. They don't live in an app, so everyone you send a link to can easily read/listen/watch your post without the hassle of downloading any additional apps.

  2. Increase your reach and find a new audience: ScrollStack is a creator marketplace and not just a hosting platform. It’s the first content marketplace built to solve the problems of Indian creators. ScrollStack is a place where readers and viewers come to discover ‘thinkers and creators worth following’. What this means is that the best posts are seen by our audience of about 1.2 crore readers on our distribution partner platforms (e.g. Scroll.in).

  3. Global payments for Indian creators: If you are a creator with an audience who can pay for your content, ScrollStack is the best platform to charge for your work. We have a payment system that allows you to start earning without any technical integration. Moreover, fans from anywhere in the world can pay for your post. It only takes 10-15 seconds for a follower to pay using the many options we offer (Here is more on our payment system). 

    What this means is that for the first time, a Hindi or a Tamil writer with a following in US/Canada can charge her fan a fee for a post with zero friction. We believe that the global market for Indian creativity has been barely tapped.  

We have designed ScrollStack to ensure it meets the needs of creators in India. As a marketplace, we are not only committed to the idea of building the best creative tools but also to grow your audience. 

PS: Our next release will be all about on-platform distribution and discovery – follow, share, and subscribe. Watch this space for updates.

By: Samir Patil & Ritesh Mehta

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