4 simple steps to monetize your Facebook following

You have worked hard to build a following on Facebook. Now it’s time to start making money from them! Your fans want to pay you, they just don’t know how to do it.

With ScrollStack.com, you can start earning from your fans in less than a minute. No technical set up needed.

Here is how:

1) Set up a free account on ScrollStack.com. You can use your Facebook account to login.

2) Turn on Support for your ScrollStack account.

To enable the Support option in your account, write to us at creators@scrollstack.com with your ScrollStack URL.

3) Write a short message for your followers to tell them why they should pay you. Need inspiration for what to say? We have you covered.

4) Share the link to your Support with your followers on Facebook, and they can start paying you!

It’s that simple!

Sign up for ScrollStack today, and start earning from your Facebook following.

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