Independent Identity is the foundation for a new internet

The internet of today for "users" is mostly tied to a social identity that users don't own - see the most popular websites and apps, and almost every one of them requires a unique identity to use them. Not so unique, then?

Therefore, it is important to have an independent identity that's not tied to a singular service or platform. Here are the main reasons why users, especially creators, must have an independent identity that's theirs to own:

  1. It allows you to be who you are, without the noise. Create a profile on ScrollStack or Linktree or other identity first service, and the focus is on what you say, not what you do. You get to bring in your social identities and paint a complete picture, or you can pick what you want to be. YOU decide.

  2. Own your following, control distribution. Your followers of social identities aren't really yours, they belong to the platform/service. The number might be large, but your reach is at the mercy of their algorithm. On identity first platforms, you own the following, and distribution is true i.e. every follower can be reached, you own your content, and you get rewarded.

  3. It's the first step to collecting payments from your following. Nothing of value can be and should be free. Only way content creators can produce quality content for a long time is if users pay for them. Advertisers pay for attention, not content. Your independent identity allows you to collect payments via selling your content, getting supported monetarily to create quality content, and other new age options like crypto payments, NFTs, etc.

Independent identity isn't a replacement of your social presence. It's meant to bring it all together so that you can own your digital presence, your followership, and your content.

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